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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison’s Bachelor 16 Premiere Blog: “Jenna Just Let Monica Get the Best of Her”

It’s the 10th anniversary of Bachelor Nation, as Chris Harrison reminds us in his Entertainment Weekly blog on The Bachelor Season 16 premiere. And just like back on Season 1, the first night is an overwhelming crazy-fest. No one knows that better than poor Jenna Burke, who should probably just sleep through the next 10 weeks.

As Chris blogs about the Monica Spannbauer,/Blakeley Shea/Jenna love/hate triangle:

“I really don’t know what to make of Monica and Blakeley’s relationship. You’ll have to be the judge and jury on that one. As for Monica and Jenna, Jenna just let Monica get the best of her. Monica saw that she could put the screws to her and she did every chance she could. Jenna was already out of her element and Monica smelled blood in the water and attacked. Jenna locked herself in the bathroom and was crying so much we weren’t sure she was even going to make it to the rose ceremony. We had to hold everything up and wait for her. Ben was somewhat aware of the drama and although he was unsure of Jenna, in the end he decided he would chalk up her emotion to first night jitters and give her another chance. I would love to tell you this story has a happy ending and Jenna redeems herself with a strong showing next week but… that’s just not what happens. Wait until you see next week.”

We knew Jenna had to make it past at least the first night when we saw her wearing that sparkly white dress on the premiere. We already recognized her as the girl hugging her own shoulders and crying in a sleeveless red dress during one of the first promos of the year — The Crying Girl. That’s Jenna and that must be Jenna on Episode 2. Oh boy.

Read the rest of Chris’ premiere night blog here.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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