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Dianna Agron vs Amber Riley! Who Do You Hope is Sandy in Grease?

Ever since we first heard that Glee would be doing a Grease tribute song in January 17’s Season 3, Episode 10: “Yes/No,” we’ve been trying to figure out who will play the iconic roles of Danny and Sandy.

With video footage and multitudes of photos, it’s now become clear that Chord Overstreet (Sam) will play John Travolta’s Danny. But what about Sandy?

We’d initially speculated Sandy to be Dianna Agron (Quinn). And though blonde-haired Dianna looks more like Olivia Newton-John than any of her castmates — all signs are actually pointing towards as Amber Riley (Mercedes) Glee’s Sandy!

Sure, we don’t have video footage. But this photo from Glee‘s “Summer Nights” performance certainly makes it look like she’s the one!

Personally, we love the idea of mixing things up and having Mercedes play Sandy. (And we’re always ready to hear Amber Riley get more solos!) But what about you: Are you excited to see Amber take the lead in Grease, or were you hoping to see Dianna play the part, instead?

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