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The Bachelorette

Did Trista and Ryan Sutter Date a Year Before The Bachelorette?!

Crazy Days And Nights is known for its blind items, and from January 1-2 the site celebrated Gossip Christmas by revealing the subjects of many juicy blinds.

Here’s one Bachelorette-related item that made our eyebrows dance:

“How about a nice easy one? This reality show couple have always been unique. They have stayed together when countless others have tired and failed at the same game. Why did this one couple have so much luck and success when others have failed? They made millions in the process and to date no one else has been able to match their luck. The reason? Prior to their "meeting," they had already been dating for over a year.”

The reveal? “Trista Rehn & Ryan Sutter

CDAN is a legit site, but this is pretty hard to believe. How would Trista and Ryan have kept their relationship a secret for a year before going on The Bachelorette? Where did they meet? Do you think this is really the case?

Well, Trista aimed to set the record straight via Twitter on January 3, 2012. When asked by a fan if this blind item reveal was true, she replied: “that wasn't about us. It was some English couple I believe??? I met Ryan when he stepped out of the limo.”

Okay then... So which English couple could it be?

Source: Crazy Days and Nights

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