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Pretty Little Liars

Spoiler Alert: Lucas Goes Nuts in New Canadian Promo for Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 15 (VIDEO)

Wow, that’s all that we can say.

In a new, spoiler-heavy Canadian promo for Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 15: “A Hot Piece of A,” we get to see the scarier side of sweet Lucas Gottesman (Brendan Robinson), a side we haven’t seen since the creepy flashback Lucas we saw in Season 2, Episode 13:”The First Secret.”

Let’s break down the promo:

Lucas flies into a (self?) destructive rage after seeing Caleb’s birthday cake. Who knew that a simple b-day sweet could cause someone to go nuts? We’re guessing this has to do with all those love-lorn looks Lucas kept shooting Hanna when she was cuddling up to Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn) in Season 2, Episode 14: "Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares."

“I never wanted to hurt anybody but now I have to.” Wait, is Lucas going to hurt Hanna? All because she made Caleb a nice birthday cake? At the very least, this reference to “never wanting to hurt anybody” rules him out of the “A” running. “A” has hurt plenty of people.

Lucas takes Hanna out on a boat, then they spill over. Was this an accident or was this Lucas’ plan? Has Lucas finally gone over the edge?

Watch the full promo below.

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