Switched at Birth Creator Compares Bay and Emmett to Romeo and Juliet
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Switched at Birth Creator Compares Bay and Emmett to Romeo and Juliet

When Switched at Birth returns tonight to finish out its first season, it'll dive right back where we left off: The Daphne/Emmett/Bay triangle.

The unlikely romance between Bay (Vanessa Marano) and deaf Emmett (Sean Berdy) was planned all along, says creator Lizzy Weiss.

"What I love about it is that Emmett is someone Bay never would've met unless the switch happened," she tells TV Guide.

"Perhaps Bay and Emmett would've ended up together in the end had she not been switched."

But this leaves Daphne (Katie Leclerc) out in the cold, watching her best friend fall for the girl she was switched with. "She has to figure out how much she's going to fight and she also has other battles," Weiss reveals.

Those battles include dealing with the return of the man she thought of as her father, Angelo (Gilles Marini).

Daphne will have some new shoulders to cry on. "She has another friend, a new character we introduce, named Simone (Maiara Walsh) who Daphne comes to rely on," Weiss says.

"She has a lot of people she tries to replace Emmet with, whether or not that works, but she does have people in her life."

And that includes, in one way or another, Bay. That relationship will continue to be as complicated as ever, Weiss promises.

"It's the constant push and pull ... almost like real sisters," she says. "They're both very aware that there's no one else who would understand what they're going through, but they're constantly in competition."

Source: TV Guide