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Teen Mom

Teen Mom 2 Music: Songs Playing in Season 2, Episode 5, “Home for Christmas”

Teen Mom 2 always features such fitting music, so if you're wondering the name of that song playing in a certain scene from Season 2, Episode 5, "Home for Christmas," check out this music guide. And download available tracks from iTunes!

1. "Baldozian" by All Smiles

Kailyn talks about how she won't be able to spend Christmas with Isaac

2. "The Man Who Has Everything" by Lousy Robot

Leah gets ready for the twins' birthday and Christmas

3. "Tomorrow Will Come" by Wil Seabrook

Kailyn bakes cookies

4. "After All" by Ben Rector

Jace opens a Christmas present

5. "Colors in Stereo" by Moonlit Sailor

Chelsea asks her dad to try to accept Adam

6. "Yule Tidal Wave" by The Nucc

Kaily and Jordan open gifts

7. "Christmas Time" by Black Tie Dynasty

Leah gets Corey to dress up as Santa

8. "Apple of My Irony" by Maritime

Chelsea and Adam take Aubree to shop for toys

9. "Breakable" by Tracy Johnson

Jenelle calls everyone she knows to bail Kieffer out of jail

10. "Out of Style, Out of Touch" by Eulogies

Chelsea and Adam go to her mom's house for Christmas

11. "Scissors and Soap" by Jen Hirsh

Chelsea and her sister talk about how divorce affects children

12. "Tuesday Rolls Around" by Dylan Callaghan

Kailyn gives Jo's mom, Janet, a holiday card

13. "Don't Stop Dancin'" by Tim Lindberg

Isaac opens presents

14. "Plus One" by Wil Seabrook

End montage

Source: MTV Music Lounge

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