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The Kardashians

Top 13 Quotes From Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 5: “You Don’t Impulse Buy a Piano”

This week’s brand spankin’ new episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York dove right into Kourtney’s couponing problem, Scott Disick’s obsession with having sex on a piano, and Jonathan Cheban’s sexuality — which all proved perfect fodder for some hi-larious quotes. Check out the 13 most LOL-worthy lines from KKTNY Season 2, Episode 5 below!

13. Let’s not give the kids any ideas
Scott: That’s a gateway couponing drug.

12. ‘Bout right
Scott: So those coupons are better than me?
Kourtney: Yeah.

11. Don’t question my authority
Simon: I’m the mayor of gaydar.

10. Eighteen cans of peas, however, is totally normal
Kourtney: You don’t impulse buy a piano.

9. Scott Disick: King of TMI
Kourtney: A man who plays the piano is sexy.
Scott: So you’re saying that would get your little panties wet?

9. Could be worse
Kourtney: What are you doing? You’re obviously out piano shopping.

8. Functional Relationships 101
Scott (to Kourtney): I’m scared you’ll try to shave a layer of my penis off.

7. The apple falls pretty far from the tree
Scott (about baby Mason): He’s not a risk taker.

6. Now that’s a low blow only a celebrity can make
Jonathan: Did you ever fly in a private jet before Kim?

5. He’s not gay, but...
Jonathan: Really, I f*ck chihuahuas. I just didn’t know how to break it to you.

4. Bet that’ll be worth some money
Kourtney: How about I’ll do you dirty, on the piano, but the piano’s going back after?

3. Kris Humphries logic fail
Kris: He’s either gay or a serial killer.

2. Questions only a Kardashian would ask
Kourtney: But where do you get the coupons?
Khloe: What? Are you serious? They’re like in every newspaper.

1. Jonathan turns the tables
Jonathan (to Kris): Oh, you got a rainbow roll?

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