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The Kardashians

Top 5 OMG Moments From Kourtney and Kim Take New York Season 2, Episode 5: Gayness, Stripping, and Accordions

Choosing just a few ridiculous moments from any Kourtney and Kim Take New York episode is always a challenge, but this week was particularly tough. A lot went down in Season 2, Episode 5, “Questionable Actions”: Kris Humphries grilled Kim’s BFF Jonathan about his sexual orientation, and Kourtney and Scott both explored their weird obsessions. Somehow we still managed to cherry-pick just five moments from Season 2, Episode 5 that made us go “OMG!” Check ‘em out!

5. Scott Buys a Baby Grand
Scott Disick’s been known to do some crazy things in his day, but buying a baby grand piano on a whim might be one of the weirdest. His excitement about the musical machinery was unparalleled, and perhaps the best part of Scott’s impulse buy is when it’s delivered and he excitedly yells at the hotel staff: “I got a baby grand comin’! I got a baby grand comin’!” OK, Scott. We get it.

4. Bruce Admits He Played the Accordion
Papa Jenner gets cooler by the minute.

3. Kris Asks Jonathan if He’s Gay!
At the potpourri shop, Kris Humphries' curiosity gets the best of him and he opens his big mouth to ask Kim’s good pal Jonathan Cheban if he’s gay. Really Kris? In front of the cameras? And in the potpourri shop?

2. Kim Strips Down in Front of Jonathan
They didn’t make a big deal of it on the show, but we were pretty shocked to see Kim, wearing only her bra, pop up in the corner of the screen, while her bestie Jonathan, sat on the other side of the room. Even more shocking? Kim’s bra wasn’t made of sequins...and Jonathan didn’t even squirm.

1. Kris Asks Jonathan’s Date if She Thought He Was Gay
Without a doubt, the most gasp-inducing moment was when Kris Humphries asked Jonathan Cheban’s gorgeous model date whether she thought he was gay before she got to know him. Um, really dude? Gay or not gay, we know one thing’s for sure: You just broke guy code a million times over.

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