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Jersey Shore

Vinny, Pauly D & Ronnie to The Situation: No One’s Watching You (VIDEO)

Seeing all four Jersey Shore men sitting together on Jimmy Kimmel’s couch last night really warmed our hearts. And to top it off, there was even a dry hump or two!

The Situation, Ronnie, Vinny, and Pauly D visited Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote Season 5 of Jersey Shore, and one of the first topics discussed was Vinny’s heartbreaking sudden departure in the first two episodes. As he explained to Jimmy, “I had some personal problems. We all kind of had trouble because the schedule is so crazy... It got real for me.”

It was fascinating to see The Situation almost purposefully left out of the conversation by the other guys. When Mike starts to chime in with, “It was a big shock to us...” Pauly D interjects as if The Sitch hadn’t even said anything at all. And that’s when Vinny started to climb on Pauly’s lap and we all smiled.

Even Ron got in on the subtle Sitch-bashing. After Mike said, in response to Jimmy’s question about side projects, “Everybody’s got their own things going on,” Ronnie turns to Mike and says, “No one’s watching you.”

Don’t worry, Sitch. No matter how anybody feels about you, you will never have a shortage of mesmerized voyeurs.

Source: ABC via HuffPo

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