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Dancing With The Stars

Erin Andrews Says Tim Tebow Can’t Dance, Suggests Other Sports Guys For DWTS of Maks_Erin-1371157900.JPG

Tim Tebow seems kind of busy and probably wouldn’t even want to think about Dancing With the Stars right now, but DWTS Season 10’s Erin Andrews suggests he wouldn’t be right for it anyway.

“Tim Tebow cannot dance, I know that,” Erin told GQ with a laugh. “Tebow can do a lot of things, but he can not dance.”

The ESPN broadcaster told GQ she got a ton of support from the sports community while dancing to third place with Maksim Chmerkovskiy in 2010. She’s still hearing comments from fans almost two years later. “I can't do a football game or a basketball game without a coach or assistant coach or a player stopping and being like, ‘EA, you should have won,’” Erin said.

“[DWTS Season 3 winner] Emmitt Smith says people know him now more for Dancing With the Stars than they do for his Hall of Fame career. Clay Matthews asked me for tickets to the finale for his Mom, and I traded him tickets to a game at Lambeau.”

Athletes and others from the sporting world tend to do well on DWTS — even if they end up just doing DanceCenter like Kenny Mayne. So who are Erin’s ESPN co-worker suggestions for an upcoming season? “I think Desmond Howard would be really cute on the show,” Erin said. “He's got the style and the poise to do it. I know Digger Phelps wants to do it, I know Dick Vitale wants to do it, and I love both of those guys so very much, but I don't think they realize how much training is involved. I think Chris Fowler would be adorable on it, but I think Des would be great.”

Read a lot more from Erin in the rest of the GQ interview. Do you like her suggestions?

Source: GQ

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