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Have We Seen the Last of Tyler Barrol on Revenge? You Tell Us!

It's safe to say that crazy is officially out of the bag for Tyler Barrol. Tonight's action-packed episode of ABC's Revenge showed us exactly what this pill-popping Hamptons wannabe is capable of, which thankfully doesn't include the murder of Nolan Ross or any of the guests at Daniel's clambake birthday party.

After stealing Emily Thorne's gun and subjecting the Graysons to the most uncomfortable version of “Happy Birthday” ever, Tyler attempts to expose Conrad and Victoria for the lying liars they are. Thankfully, good old Nolan shows up to save the day … and more importantly, Emily, whose head is busy becoming acquainted with Barrol's barrel.

Tyler's better-looking and more successful older brother Alex delivers a couple of emotional lines, giving Jack and Daniel just enough time to tackle the gun-wielding psychopath to the ground. Cops arrive moments later and slap a pair of cuffs on Ty. But what the po-po find even more incriminating is the wallet in his pocket — Frank's wallet.

Tyler might be spending a few nights (or years) behind bars now that he's the prime suspect in Frank's murder, but the question on all our minds is, have we seen the last of him? Or will he be back for another round of Truth or Die?

01.5.2012 / 10:30 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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