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Jersey Shore

5 Things to Know About The Unit, The Situation’s Partner in Crime

Yes, The Situation's partner in absurd monikers, The Unit, is back for Season 5 of Jersey Shore, and he plays a pretty big role in the season premiere. In this preview clip, we see the gruesome foursome Mike, Snooki, Ryder, and The Unit together again, and it ain’t pretty. In case you don't know their sloppy history, we've compiled for you a list of everything you never needed to know about The Unit.

1. He's Mike's BFF. Yes, as Ryder is to Snooki, The Unit is to The Situation. We're pretty sure they can drink the same amount, start the same amount of bar fights, fail at hooking up with the same amount of girls, and bench press the same amount of weight. You know, true biffles.

2. He got his nickname from Mike — and "The Unit" doesn't refer to his abs. Or the brillo pad attached to his head. Apparently, one day Mike saw what his friend (nee Jonny Manfre) was workin' with south of the border and, in typical Mike fashion, started telling everyone about it! He nicknamed Jonny's "mini baseball bat" "The Unit" (because he couldn't nickname someone else's abs, especially considering they're nicer than his), and the rest is history.

3. Supposedly, he had a pseudo-four-way with Mike, Ryder, and Snooki. Okay, by "four-way," we mean he and Ryder hooked up right next to Mike and Snooki in the alleged Snooktuation fling that caused so much drama in Season 4. So, The Unit is the only one who backs up Mike's side of the story — that Snooki went downtown on him right in front of the other couple — and even went along with Mike's ploy to fake snitch on Snooki to Jionni just to get a rise out of Snooks in Season 4. So, yeah, he's a really good guy.

4. He was arrested outside the Seaside Heights house during filming of Season 5 with a “mysterious powdery white substance.” The Unit was arrested outside the cast’s house back in July on suspected drug possession charges. While we don’t know if The Unit’s arrest will make it on camera, we have to ask: do the Seaside Heights police just perform searches on every human who enters within 50 feet of the Jersey house?

5. As of two months ago, he was in a relationship with an "award-winning porn star." Sorry ladies. The Unit is servicing some over-serviced broad. No abs for you.

Watch Jersey Shore Season 5 premiere tonight, January 5, at 10pm ET/PT on MTV.

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