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Glee’s Top 5 Best Besties of All-Time (So Far)

We’re suckers for all the adorable friend pairings on Glee, and lately, we’re getting more than ever. Seriously — how cute are Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Rory (Damian McGinty)? That said, we wonder where these newest chums would rank in the pantheon of Glee friendships. So with that in mind, we’ve ranked our top 5 favorite platonic duos (which means no Brittana — sorry!) to determine which besties are the most loyal and have provided the most memorable moments. May the best friends win!


Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Our favorite moment: Sue (Jane Lynch) selects Becky (Lauren Potter) as Cheerios co-captain (Season 2, Episode 21: “Funeral”)

Why we love ‘em: These two probably aren’t hanging out on weekends (in fact, we’re a little afraid to know what Sue might do on weekends), but this transcends a teacher-student relationship since they’re inseparable, not to mention that Sue treats Becky as a peer. And even though they’re happiest when spreading sadness, we find their mirthful scheming to be pretty darn cute. (Translation: The fact that Sue can even tolerate someone’s presence is a step in the right direction.)


Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Our favorite moment: They give Sue a Material Girl-worthy makeover (Season 1, Episode 15: “The Power of Madonna”)

Why we love ‘em: Remember when this adorable twosome was worthy of their own show on Bravo? Lately, we haven’t gotten much Kurtcedes magic, but we’re hoping that — with New Directions now restored — we’ll get more new memories to rival those of Mercedes (Amber Riley) comforting Kurt (Chris Colfer) after his dad’s heart attack, or of them joining up on “Four Minutes” in Cheerios unis. Here’s hoping that 2012 is the year they reinstate their bowling night.


Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Our favorite moment: She tells him she loves him after the honky-tonk bar (Season 2, Episode 14: “Blame It on the Alcohol”)

Why we love ‘em: When it comes to dealing with Sue, Will (Matthew Morrison) needs all the help he can get. Luckily, he’s become allies with the surprisingly sensitive Coach Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones), who even proved to be a surprisingly qualified casting director for West Side Story. It’s also been cute to see Schue acting as her love guru of sorts, providing her first kiss and then encouraging her with Cooter. (Okay, so maybe Schue isn’t the best person to be handing out relationship advice, but it’s the thought that counts, right?)


Credit: Carin Baer/FOX © 2010 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Our favorite moment: Their performance of “Loser” — complete with matching sweater vests! (Season 1, Episode 21: “Funk”)

Why we love ‘em: Both of these guys have had memorable friend time with other dudes (we’re thinking Puck-Artie or Finn-Rory) but, as far as we’re concerned, this friendship is the King of the Bromances. Puck (Mark Salling) and Finn (Cory Monteith) are so hilarious together that, when they’re not hooking up with each other’s girlfriends, they make a pretty great team. (We just wish their mash-up name wasn’t quite so profane!)


Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Our favorite moment: Their day in New York City, culminating in an amazing duet of “For Good” (Season 2, Episode 22: “New York”)

Why we love ‘em: These two are the quintessential Glee besties. Their magical moments are almost too numerous to list, whether it’s Kurt comforting Rachel after the NYADA social, or Rachel (Lea Michele) performing at Burt’s (Mike O’Malley) bedside, post-heart attack. We even loved it when Kurt says — after Jesse (Jonathan Groff ) eggs Rachel (in “Funk”) — that New Directions are the only ones who get to humiliate Rachel. Heck, as long as Kurt never gives Rachel another questionable makeover, they’re in perfect harmony.

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