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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Is Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Scripted? Its Producer Responds

Just how many limo fights can one group of ladies have over the course of a few months? Lots, if you’re a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Fans may often wonder if that drama is manufactured, and in a recent Bravo blog, producer Dave Rupel writes that the show is definitely not scripted: “Although Kim, Kyle, and Lisa have acted in the past, they are living their real lives in front of our cameras — as is everyone on our show. With all that has happened this year on our show, it is difficult to see how anyone could think it could be scripted.” The confirmation that they’re off the cuff makes Lisa’s witty one-liners all the more impressive.

Rupel worked on Real World as well, but he admits there’s much more interaction between producers and stars on Housewives. “On a show like The Real Housewives, though, the crew is coming into the ladies' homes and being around their children and pets,” writes Rupel, “so there is a little bit more interaction. I find the more comfortable the ladies and their families are with the crew, the more comfortable they are opening up their lives in the most intimate ways.”

While the stars have said the situations and gatherings are often suggested by producers, the drama itself is completely real. Considering how hard it was to get Kim Richards to attend any sort of function in Season 2, it makes sense that the producers might have to occasionally press the women into interacting with each other.

Source: Bravo

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01.6.2012 / 04:14 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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