Jenna Burke Was A “Hot Mess” Says Eliminated Bachelor Season 16 Bachelorette Amber Tierney
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The Bachelor

Jenna Burke Was A “Hot Mess” Says Eliminated Bachelor Season 16 Bachelorette Amber Tierney

It looks like Nicki Sterling is already winning The Bachelor — off the show, anyway. Bachelor Pad 2’s Michael Stagliano said he got butterflies when he saw Nicki on the premiere; Ames Brown also named Nicki as a standout contestant; and now Amber Tierney — the cow ball-loving shooter girl from The Bachelor Season 16 — has named Nicki as one of her favorites in the Bachelor mansion. Maybe Ben Flajnik will feel the same about Nicki by the end of the show.

Anyway, Amber talked to reporters after her premiere episode elimination. Here's a taste of her Q&A, including her thoughts on the night's big drama girl, Jenna Burke.

Are there a couple girls that you thought stood out and you really liked?

Amber: I did see that he made a comment about Courtney Robertson. I could see how possibly she's one of his favorites. I'm wondering when he gets to know her... she seemed a little cold to me. One of my favorites was actually Nicki. She's from Texas and I thought they had a connection. I also thought he had a connection with Kacie Boguskie.

What was the girls' take on Jenna?

Amber: I honestly did not see everything that happened in the situation when I was there. Personally, I kind of thought she was a little bit of a hot mess. She got a little emotional, like I said, but it was a long night and everyone's tired. Drinking is involved and she had a couple too many drinks as well.

Amber speculated that maybe Ben gave Jenna a rose because "she was pretty fragile at the time. He didn't want to hurt her anymore."

Read more from Amber here.


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