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Top 5 WTF Moments From Revenge Season 1, Episode 11: “Duress”

We love the signature soapy style of ABC's new hit show Revenge, but sometimes those backstabbing, blue-blooded Hamptonites leave us scratching our heads thinking, "What the what?!"

Keep reading for a roundup of last night's noteworthy WTF moments, and be sure to add yours in the comments below!

1. Nolan Keeps a Key in His Planter

OK, really? We can't say we know too many tech billionaires with glass houses in the Hamptons, but if we did, we're pretty sure they wouldn't keep a spare key in the most obvious of all hiding places.

Sure, Nolan's estate is probably protected by a first-class surveillance system with a direct line to the FBI, but we still don't buy it.

Leaving a spare key in the planter is like asking someone to rob you. Or save your life. But whatever.

2. Where Is Nolan's Bodyguard?

Remember that big, scary (and presumably mute) dude that Nolan hired in Episode 7 to follow him around after his encounter with Frank? Well, what the heck happened to him? Was he on his 15? Maybe he was grabbing a Black Dahlia at the Stowaway?

Regardless, his services could have been way more useful back at the Ross compound when Tyler showed up for a game of Truth or Die.

Let this be a valuable lesson for Nolan — when one psychopath bites the dust, two more show up in their place.

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3. Nolan Tracks Tyler's California-Bound Phone With GPS

We don't know much about aviation and what-not, but considering we don't get quality 3G service in the middle of Manhattan, we doubt Tyler's cell phone would be able to transmit a signal at 30,000 feet above the ground.

Ty may have some super-spiffy rich-person phone with excellent reception (or maybe we just don't understand how GPS technology actually works), but this plotline is more ridiculous than Nolan's wardrobe.

4. Does Daniel Grayson Own More Than One Shirt?

Speaking of clothes, doesn't it seem like Daniel lives in that navy blue polo shirt? We get it — the polo-khakis combo is basically the standard preppy white boy uniform, but this is the eldest Grayson heir we're talking about here. Son of Conrad Grayson, multi-billionaire hedge fund manager and CEO of Grayson Global.

You'd think Victoria would at least take him to Brooks Brothers every once in a while.

Credit: Colleen Hayes / American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.    

5. How Did Victoria Put Daniel's Scrapbook Together So Quickly?

We're not really sure what Victoria Grayson does during the day, but we'd imagine it goes something like this: downward-facing dog, spy on Emily, order new $2,000 chair, spy on Emily. Arts and crafts is the last hobby we'd ever picture this snooty socialite taking up.

So, the question remains, how did Victoria put together Daniel's birthday scrapbook so quickly? Did she send Ashley out to Michael’s with her credit card and a few old snapshots?

Or is there a June Cleaver hiding somewhere underneath that Herve Leger bandage dress?

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