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Who Is Hannah Inman, Jenelle Evans’ Former Friend?

You Asked, We Answered

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Those of you who have spent anytime on Jenelle Evans’ Twitter feed lately know she’s in the midst of a crazy tweet-off with someone who calls herself @baddbitcccch.

Things between these two are getting uglier by the minute, but who is this bad girl, and why does Jenelle care so much about what she thinks?

Bad Bitch’s real name is Hanna Inman, and her Twitter bio describes her as a “singer.” Aside from that, little is known about this brunette beauty — well, other than the fact that she was Jenelle’s ex-best friend and roommate as of just a few weeks ago.

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These two were joined at the hip, and Hannah even tagged along with Jenelle on a few promotional trips with the Teen Mom girls. Apparently, friendship is almost as fleeting as jeggings, because one minute Hannah and Jenelle were declaring how much they loved each other, and the next Jenelle was posting naked pictures of Hannah on the internet.

Turns out that Hannah was just using Jenelle as a stepping stone to celebrity, and mooched off her to boot! Jenelle claims that Hannah never paid her rent, didn’t do her laundry, talked behind her back, and even made Jenelle pay for her phone bills.

Jenelle kicked Hannah out of her house (literally), and after a twitter war, Hannah and Jenelle’s former boss Duffy posted a series of provocative pics of Jenelle of Twitter — along with some very NC-17 texts that he claims are from Jenelle’s phone.

Obviously, Jenelle is better off without Hannah in her life, but we can’t help but wonder if this sassy vixen will land herself a reality show on MTV just for being so cray-cray.

Source: Twitter

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01.6.2012 / 09:29 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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