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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Why Officer Garrett Might Be ”A”

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to realize that Pretty Little Liars’ Garrett Reynolds — a.k.a. Rosewood’s shadiest police officer — is not to be trusted. And sure, he’s pulled some sinister behavior, but does that mean he’s “A”? We’re still not certain, but we’re getting more and more suspicious. (The one thing we are certain about? That our weak stomachs can only take so much more of watching Jenna Marshall [Tammin Sursok] and Garrett make out.)

Continuing in our tradition of looking closely at the top “A” suspects, here are the five reasons why we think Garrett could turn out to be “A.”

1. We think Garrett “sees” a little too much.
“A” is clearly quite handy with recording equipment, so the fact that Garrett was a member of the N.A.T. Club — not to mention that he always seems to be watching the girls from his police car — makes us think he’s the notorious stalker. He also seemed to be in on the bugging of Dr. Sullivan’s office, seeing as how he was so insistent about getting the names of her patients. (Come to think of it, if anyone on this show needs therapy, we think it’s him.)

2. Garrett is a fan of writing creepy notes.
“A” is known for giving cryptic messages to people, which is exactly what Jenna and Garrett did to Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker), slipping him a note that made him think he may have killed Alison (a.k.a. the “Jason thing”). Instead, it was Jenna and Garrett who had something to do with Ali’s death, as Garrett then swipes page 5 of Ali’s autopsy report. We’re still not sure if Ali’s killer and “A” are one and the same, but either way, Garrett’s a bad dude.

3. Officer Garrett may be the World’s Worst Boyfriend (not counting Charlie Sheen).
It’s possible that no one hates Alison more than Jenna, who lost her eyesight due to Ali’s firecracker. So the fact that Garrett is dating Jenna makes it seem likely that he would help avenge Jenna’s injury. Plus, “A” seems to be everywhere at once, so having two people working together as “A” — as Jenna and Garrett just might be — would make a lot of sense. Two evil creeps are more effective than one.

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4. Garrett seemed to have a hand in Ian’s “suicide.”
Was Garrett responsible for Ian’s death? We’ve always suspected as much, given that Ian may have known too much about Jenna and Garrett’s role in Ali’s death. Plus, right before Ian’s death (in Season 1, Episode 22: “For Whom the Bell Tolls”), Garrett was on hand when Logan supposedly delivered Ian’s bribe, although Garrett later paid Logan off to keep quiet about it. Who says money can’t buy happiness?

5. Garrett and Ezra both liking younger women is the only thing they have in common.
Does Garrett know about Ezria? It sure seems that way, as Garrett turned the corner in Ezra Fitz’s (Ian Harding) building just as Aria (Lucy Hale) was leaving his apartment (Season 1, Episode 21: “Monsters in the End”). Ezra then let Garrett into his place, where Garrett saw the paper-bag masks that Aria had made Ezra, which seems incriminating. Then again, maybe Garrett will just assume that Ezra puts on skits in his free time?

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