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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Finds Its Meredith! Torrey DeVitto’s Dr. Fell Is a New Version of the Beloved Book Character

There was a new face in Season 3, Episode 10 of The Vampire Diaries: brunette beauty Dr. Meredith Fell, played by Pretty Little Liars’ Torrey DeVitto. Although we knew the doc was en route to Mystic Falls, we were surprised to learn Dr. Fell’s first name: Meredith. Hold on, that’s a character we know and love from L.J. Smith’s Vampire Diaries book series!

TVD executive producer Julie Plec tells Zap2It Meredith’s character was in the original pilot draft but was dropped during editing. However, book fans haven’t stopped obsessing over the wonderful Miss M, and Plec says bringing her back into the plotline was something they always wanted to do. But book fans be warned: On-screen Meredith is notably different from her novel counterpart. For one, Meredith’s last name was changed from Sulez to Fell for the show, and while she was a high school student and Elena Gilbert’s bestie in the books, she’s an adult doctor in the TV series.

However, the fact that she’s legal could mean fun things for her relationship with hunky history teacher, Alaric (Matt Davis). While the pair was involved in a teacher-student relationship in the books, we’re glad Alaric isn’t taking his “chaperone teacher from hell” tendencies into creepy territory. According to Plec, Alaric and Meredith have a “very interesting, intriguing” relationship in the books, and the TV series will be no different.

While “The New Deal” was Torrey DeVitto’s first appearance on the series, it isn’t her first time around the TVD set: She also happens to be married to Paul Wesley (Stefan) — although Plec insists they’d have their eye on her for awhile and her casting has nothing to do with pleasing their lead man. We just hope things don’t get awkward when Matt Davis is planting ‘em on Paul Wesley’s woman!

Source: Zap2It

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