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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Andy Cohen on How He Dealt With Russell Armstrong’s Suicide on the Show: “It Was an Extremely Difficult Situation” — Exclusive!

As Wetpaint Entertainment reported last week, the filming of the Season 2 reunion for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was one helluva drama filled day, so we caught up with host and executive producer Andy Cohen to get his take on what really went on when the ladies sat down for an extended chat about their most shocking season to date.

“It was really dramatic,” he told Wetpaint Entertainment in an exclusive interview at the NBC Television Critics Association All Star Party. “We talked about every single thing there is to talk about. Everything was on the table.”

One of the more sensitive topics discussed that day was Russell Armstrong’s suicide and how it had been handled on the show. Cohen tells Wetpaint Entertainment that he had a lot of control over how Armstrong would be portrayed throughout the season, and admitted it was not an easy process.

“It was an extremely difficult situation with a lot of decisions to make,” he says. “We felt like every decision we made was after endless conversations. We edited him out of things that we thought we should edit him out of, and we kept him in other things. It was all for a reason, and it’s just up to the viewer to decide. I think what emerged was a story of a woman in the midst of a situation of domestic violence who was trying to get the courage to get out of the situation.”

And as far as Brandi Glanville’s quickie nuptials in Las Vegas and rumblings of the network’s annoyance with her recent behavior, Cohen denies the claims.

“I heard it, but it’s not true,” he says. “Why would I care if she had a quickie marriage? I don’t know. It just has nothing to do with me.”

What Cohen does care about is producing a juicy hour of television, and it looks like with the reunion he got his wish.

“It was intense. It was funny at times,” he says. “And there were alliances shifted.”