Bachelor Ben Flajnik on Courtney Robertson: She’s More Than Just a “Pretty Girl”
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The Bachelor

Bachelor Ben Flajnik on Courtney Robertson: She’s More Than Just a “Pretty Girl”

Entertainment Weekly recently had a nice little chat with Ben Flajnik, who expounds on the idea that he was just looking for a hot pair of legs to date on The Bachelor Season 16.

Ben: "I asked for legs."
EW: "As in long ones or just two?"
Ben: “I'm a leg guy. Two nice long legs would be great. Or one, I'm not discriminating."

Ha! But he clarified that he was looking for a professional woman with hot legs. EW asked specifically about model Courtney Robertson, whom Ben declared “a pretty girl” after their first meeting.

Ben: “What I liked about Courtney that first evening was she's traveled the world and she's got some worldly experience. I always look for someone who's relatively cultured and a little bit artsy. I play the piano and I'm a winemaker. My sister's an artist. So we're a very artsy family. Courtney's profession, modeling, is relatively artsy. I had my doubts about her that first night. Great, she's a model. Like everybody, the immediate reaction to hearing this person's a model, you're like, 'Oh boy.' But in my conversations with her, she helped put that at ease that first night."

Interesting that he uses "worldly" to describe her. That's something he told other reporters he was looking for in a woman. So is he hinting at big things for Courtney?

Check out the full video interview for more from Ben.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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