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The Bachelor

Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor 16 Blog on Jenna Burke’s Meltdown, the Courtney Robertson Connection, and Why He Was Wrong About Blakeley Shea in Episode 2

Poor Jenna Burke started her "journey" on The Bachelor Season 16 with a bang and went out with a whimper.

As Ben Flajnik wrote in his blog on Episode 2, "Jenna. Oh, sweet Jenna. Unfortunately for Jenna, this situation and environment was not for her. She crumbled under the pressure and was truly not herself. My heart went out to her for struggling so much, and I couldn't put her through anymore of this journey."

Rosemaster Chris Harrison said, Ben and Jenna had actually had a second conversation later on the night of the rose ceremony and that talk was even worse than what we did see. (Jenna, meet Drunk Tim!)

The other two major drama girls of the episode were Blakeley Shea and Courtney Robertson. Neither girl was liked in the house. Of Blakeley, Ben writes, "Little did I know that Blakely was the cause of the drama that night. Again, my assumptions were completely off. Whoops. I guess I will learn as I go. ... Here's the thing. The women might have been upset at Blakely's motivation, but I found it okay in the moment. She was determined to talk to me, finish her conversation and get to know one another better. Most people won't agree with me there, but I liked her persistence."


He doesn't mention how the women didn't seem fond of Courtney. Instead, he focuses on their connection. "I was excited for my date with Courtney because I really enjoyed talking with her the first night. I was happy to learn how normal it felt to hang out with her. I think that the way you see it on TV does it justice in that we were very comfortable with each other. I was surprised that we were so lovely-dovey so early on, as it was just the start of my journey and I knew there were lots of other relationships I still needed to explore. It really helped that Scotch was a fan of Courtney's too."

Read Ben's full blog for more on this week’s crazy ep.

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