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Funniest Castle Quotes From Season 4, Episode 11, “Till Death Do Us Part”: “Looks Like He Did the Deed Before Taking the Dive”

Castle’s mid-season return last night did not disappoint in the quotes department. The 12th precinct knows firsthand how to handle drama: with a little dollop of good humor.

From dead pick-up artists to stalker girlfriends to a wedding and back again, check out the top quotable moments from this week’s episode below.

10. Martha: Beauty doesn’t happen by accident.

Murders, on the other hand …

9. Beckett (to Ryan): You’ve got the posture of a feral cat.

Good friends give it to you straight.

8. Castle: I bet black widow males think they are in healthy relationships too.


7. Beckett: Ryan, why don't you take The Situation down to the bar?

Aww snap!

6. Esposito: I'm not showing up solo when Lanie's bringing Captain America!

That’s gotta sting.

5. Beckett: Oh my God, that's Jenny!
Castle: Not just Jenny. Gyrating Jenny.

Infinitely worse.

4. Castle: It's like the beginning of The Bachelor, but without the appletinis.

So, you’re saying it sucks?

3. Beckett: Looks like he did the deed before taking the dive.

Not such a bad way to go.

2. Ryan: You’re a cop. These women are looking for lawyers and bankers.
Esposito: I bank.

Totally not the same thing.

1. Beckett: That's espionage.
Castle: More like sexpionage.

Castle’s at it again.

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