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Best of Seamus Dever’s Live Tweets on Castle Season 4, Episode 11, “Till Death Do Us Part”

Finally! The much-anticipated Castle wedding has arrived! In a round of art imitating life, Seamus Dever’s character Detective Kevin Ryan ties the knot on the small screen with his real-life leading lady Juliana Dever, who plays Jenny O'Malley. Seamus tweets some behind-the-scenes insights on working with his wife, and drops a few fun tidbits about Castle Season 4, Epsidoe 11, “Till Death Do Us Part.” Oh, and his favorite scene to film for this episode? He tweeted, "The Chinese food scene at the end." (You can read Wetpaint Entertainment’s recap of the episode here!)

Credit: Seamus Dever's Twitter    

On His Wife Juliana and Their IRL Wedding

@volgirl24: What was your wife's favorite part of the episode?
@seamusdever: She says the first scene in the break room.

@Castlegeek: are you and your wifey that cute and cheesy in real life? :)
@seamusdever: People frequently say so.

@AngieRC79: did u and the wife get nervous acting in front of each other?
@seamusdever: Nah, she's a pro.

@honeybee602: How did you propose to Juliana?

@seamusdever: On a beach in Rossnowlagh, Ireland in front of The Sand House-my ancestral home.

@fillionfan4000: Again for you and Juliana. Where did you guys get married and honeymoon at?
@seamusdever: Married in CA. Honeymoon in Greece & Turkey.

@CastleFreak96x: how did you and Juliana meet?
@seamusdever: I worked at a bookstore and she came in. I hit on her. It worked.

@LeslieChester: did you and your real life wife do a "cleanse" before getting married? Lol

@seamusdever: No, Leslie. Too many headaches. No caffeine.

@turboshannie: what was your first dance song? :)

@seamusdever: Northern Sky by Nick Drake

@tvfangirl060708: Did you and Juliana write your own vows when got married?

@seamusdever: Yes we did.

Credit: Seamus Dever's Twitter    

On Green Juice, Cayenne Pepper, Donuts, and Pins
@BrittJK: most flubbed line of the episode?
@seamusdever: The line right after I took a big swig. It hurt a little.

@trandleigh: how much of that super green juice did you have to drink while filming?
@seamusdever: About 2 gallons.

@FUNSIZE1331:what were you drinking really?
@seamusdever: It was a super green juice and water with Cayenne pepper.

@Alianora84: Why the cayenne pepper?
@seamusdever: Because it hurts a little.

@CookieBearBert: did u get sick after drinking the green juice?

@seamusdever: No, had to urinate between takes. It got bad.

@Hryder12: Seriously - how many donuts DID Espo eat? I feel like he got the better deal on this episode?
@seamusdever: He had 2 dozen. His stomach hurt.

@AgentGabs: donut torture, that must have sucked. What's your favorite?
@seamusdever: Boston creme is my fave. I don't allow myself one very often.

@ShelbyBocko: What were you eating in the scene with the chinese food?:

@seamusdever: Veggie (Soy) sweet and sour chicken from @kungpaobistro.

@theBrendaM: can I ask...what's the pin on your lapel?

@seamusdever: Its an Irish "An Garda" pin and the Irish Tricolor.

@seamusdever: The Orange is for the Protestants, Green is for the Catholics. White is for the lasting Peace between them.

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