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Cutest Castle and Beckett Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 11: “Till Death Do Us Part”

Fun? Check. Suspenseful? Check. Adorable? Check again!

Romance was everywhere this week on Castle Season 4, Episode 11, “Til Death Do Us Part,” but no Castle couple warmed our hearts quite like Castle and Beckett. (Sorry, Ryan and Jenny. We still love you!)

Here are the cutest Caskett moments from Season 4, Episode 11, “‘Til Death Do Us Part.” Le sigh.

4.Castle teases about his wedding date

Castle tells Beckett his plus-one is “beautiful,” “intelligent,” “funny,” and the “way she smiles at [him] sometimes melts [his] heart." The twist? Her name is — wait for it! — Alexis Castle,

Yep, Castle’s date is his teenage daughter. Oh, Rick. You tease!

Still, we love that he tries to make Beckett squirm. We also love that it totally works. We saw that relieved smile she makes when he admits Alexis is his date. The jig is up, girl!

3. Castle and Beckett talk numbers

After Castle and Beckett discover “Gyrating” Jenny’s dirty little secret, they don’t know whether to spill the beans to husband-to-be, Detective Ryan.

Beckett says it’s none of his business, but Castle is dumbfounded. “If we were getting married, would you want to know about all the men that I’ve slept with?” she asks. “All sounds like a lot,” he responds.

With that, he tries to extort her exact number of sexual partners — with no such luck. Good girls don’t tell! Either way, it’s progress any time these two talk about sex.

2. Castle and Beckett joke about marriage

Seeing Ryan all kinds of excited to marry Jenny makes Castle a little envious. “Well, who knows, Castle? Maybe third time's a charm," Beckett says when he admits he’s jealous. "Yeah, could be," he grins.

As long as the third time’s with her, of course.

1. Castle and Beckett become each other’s “plus-ones”!

Although these two coy lovebirds say they’re sitting together to “avoid the stigma of sitting at the singles table,” we all know they wanted this all along.

Too. Cute.

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