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Darren Criss is a Huge Fan of Grant Gustin ― Sorry, Klaine Fans!

If Grant Gustin (Sebastian) does make his way into the ranks as one of Glee’s series regulars in May ― as the currently-circulating rumors say ― it’ll be a-ok with Darren Criss (Blaine)!

In an interview with promoting his current gig in How to Succeed in Business, the topic turned to Darren’s newest co-star and he gushed about how great Grant is to work with, saying, “he’s a great addition to everything.” Darren added, “He’s one of these guys I look at where I’m like, ‘Uh, you’re the real deal! You can really dance, you can sing, the whole thing.’”

Darren also added ― echoing his earlier sentiments, of which we try not to think ― that he wouldn’t be opposed to troubles in Klaine-ville at the hands of Sebastian (grrr), saying, “If that did happen, I’d be open to the idea. Shake it up a little bit.”

But doesn’t he know that we love our Klaine INTACT?!

Credit: Grant Gustin on Twitter    

Still, it’s nice to see some love between the cast members! Darren made his way from Warbler, to fan favorite, to series regular, so we think it’s GREAT that he’s supporting Grant’s similar journey!

It also made for some cute tweetin’ between the two earlier this week, when Grant joked, “I paid @DarrenCriss well to say that..” Darren continued with the joke, saying, “dude your check bounced pay up.” Grant’s response? “I was worried about that...”

Haha. Nice, you guys.

Darren’s entire interview appears here.


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