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Glee Season 4: Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer Now Confirmed — Rachel, Kurt, and Finn are Back!

The good news is just pourin’ in from last night’s FOX press party at the TCAs!

First, we got the news that Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) would be stickin’ around for season four of Glee, and now comes confirmation that BOTH Cory Monteith (Finn) AND Chris Colfer (Kurt) will join her!

(Omg, Finchel foreverrr!)

“Yes, I’ll be back. I’m very excited.” Cory told The Hollywood Reporter last night, while Chris Colfer dished to, “Yes. I’m coming back. Ryan’s idea is kind of revolutionary. It’s the best of both worlds. Everyone is going to like it.”

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That idea, which Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) said is “brilliant, ground-breaking,” will have its set-up in the last batch of eps of season three, as the graduating seniors move toward the end of their senior year. Details are scarce so far as to what the concept will be ― but FOX president Kevin Reilly is said to have alluded to “some version of a show within a show” that Cory says will take the characters and their stories in a “bit of a different direction” for the last half of the current season.

What does it all mean?!

The characters are just eighteen years old, so we can’t imagine them coming back as teachers... And since the idea of the NYC-based spin-off seems off the table, it might have taken Rachel and Kurt’s Broadway dreams with it? Perhaps whatever the crew is up to following graduation, they’ll have a younger pal to keep them company...

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