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Gossip Girl Season 5 Spoiler: Which of Serena’s Relatives Returns?

With all the brouhaha over someone’s upcoming ROYAL WEDDING ― not to mention her subsequent near-cancellation of said wedding, followed by a freakin’ car crash! ― it’s hard to remember life on the Upper East Side when Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) was the major player. Blair Waldorf has been busy taking all the attention away from her BFF as of late, but it looks like come February, S might again get a chance to shine...

E! Online reports that Billy Baldwin will be returning to Gossip Girl in February for the season’s 17th episode as Serena and Eric’s father, William. He’s said to be entering the mix because “a crisis brings him back into the fold!”


When we last saw Papa vdW, he was busy trying to help in the clean-up of Lily’s, errr, mistakes in dealing with the Ben Donovan situation in Season 4. But his introduction on the show came the season before, when he helped Lily with her illness (and, you know, kept her relatively weak in an effort to break up her marriage... like a good doctor...).

Is William, then, simply making his return to help with CeCe’s seemingly worsening condition? Or is he up to something else? Something Charlie related? Something Serena related? Something that will at least give the van der Woodsens a role in the drama again?! Let’s hope so!

Whatever the cause for his return, he’ll undoubtedly have his eye set on Lily (AS ALWAYS), but since we’ve been assured by producers that the Lily-Rufus bond will be tight for the foreseeable future, we won’t worry about that....

Source: E! Online

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