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The Bachelorette

Speculation! Is Kacie Boguskie Already A Frontrunner To Be The Season 8 Bachelorette?

It’s never — ever! — too early for wild speculation and the seeds have already been planted for serious discussion of who will be The Bachelorette for Season 8. So what if Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor season just began? We’re looking forward to the hot guys — and the one woman lucky enough to date them!

Who will it be? We’ve already heard rumors that ABC might be courting Season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky or Season 15 Bachelor winner Emily Maynard, but those are just rumors. Lately, the rosemistress has been one of the rejected ladies from the previous season of The Bachelor. That would mean one of Ben’s ladies is the most obvious choice.

But which one?

Well, it’s early days yet, but several signs point to Tennessee cutie Kacie Boguskie having a good shot.

As The Bachelor Expert noted in her blog, “There are two main factors in choosing the next Bachelor or Bachelorette:

1. The person has to be a fan favorite. Almost always, America's favorite is the person who gets the first date. Ashley, Ali, Jake and Jillian all had first dates.”

Her second factor is the order in which they are eliminated. She noted that many second place contestants have found love off the show. Ben is actually only the second runner-up to get the Bachelor/ette gig since Jason Mesnick.

And it’s true — Ashley Hebert, Jake Pavelka, Jillian Harris and Ali all had the first dates of their seasons.

As ABC notes in their press release on Episode 2, "Ben selects Kacie Boguskie for his first individual date of the season and whisks the adorable bachelorette off to the center of Sonoma to show her the sights and recount memories of his childhood." She also shows off her baton twirling skills for him.

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Before the season started, Rosemaster Chris Harrison named his choices for the five most compelling bachelorettes of Ben’s season. When naming Kacie as one of them, Chris told Entertainment Weekly, “She is definitely America’s sweetheart this season. She’s a Southern girl who’s pure as the driven snow. She’s sweet tea sitting on a porch. Even the girls fall in love with her.” Chris calls her “an early front-runner.”

Early front-runner could mean Ben picks her and takes her off the market — like Emily Maynard, some fans’ choice to be the Season 7 Bachelorette before Brad Womack stole her away.

There’s also the fact that the official Bachelor site is asking some of Ben’s bachelorettes to answer questions on the site and they started with Kacie. As they note with the Q&A, “We want you to get to know all your favorites from this season. Who do you want to hear from next week?”

So Kacie is already acknowledged as a favorite by The Powers That Be. And we know she’s a big hit with our friends @bachspoilerfans.

It’s too early to really say what the producers/ABC may have in mind for the Season 8 lass, although they have been casting bachelors for that season for a long time now. We already put out a poll asking if you’d rather see Emily, Ali, Jillian or a new face as The Bachelorette. So far Emily is winning, but that was before Ben’s season started and we met his new ladies.

So let’s see what happens now, when we add Kacie to the mix. Would you like to see Kacie as The Season 8 Bachelorette — if Ben doesn’t pick her — or someone else?

01.10.2012 / 06:30 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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