The 5 Most Tear-Inducing Moments on Grey’s Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy

The 5 Most Tear-Inducing Moments on Grey’s Anatomy

If there's one thing we can count on Grey's Anatomy to do, it's reducing us viewers to blubbering puddles of tears, snot, and Kleenex. Seriously, it's not pretty. Like, so not pretty that you best not let a significant other watch you watching Grey's. In any case, Henry's death this season was just the latest in a long line of sad sagas — but here are the ones that had us in hysterics the most.

5. George's dad dies
We hate to see our favorite docs in anguish, so it was rough to see George cope with the illness and eventual death of his father, Harold. Pops was admitted to Seattle Grace with a case of esophageal cancer, complicated by a faulty aortic valve. To George's surprise, Harold had asked Bailey (Chanda Wilson) and Richard (James Pickens Jr.) to remove the tumors despite the risks; but as the doctors had expected, the stress of the excision proved too much for his body, and his organs shut down. Eventually, the O'Malley clan had to pull the plug on Harold's life support and pulled our heartstrings at the same time.

4. Meredith trades her life
Gary Clark's shooting rampage during the Season 6 finale had us peeking at the TV through our fingers, and the tension reached a fever pitch when Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) offered Clark her life as a compromise. She knew that Gary Clark wanted to hurt Derek (Patrick Dempsey), Lexie (Chyler Leigh), and Richard (James Pickens Jr.); so she proposed that he kill her instead since she means so much to all three. Luckily, Cristina (Sandra Oh) talked him out of it, but still, her selflessness had us reaching for tissue after tissue.

3. Charles dies
Now, we hadn't entirely warmed up to the Mercy Westers by the time of the shooting, but we were still bawling when Bailey tried all sorts of heroics to save Charles, only to be thwarted by inactive elevators. She had an Emmy-worthy freak-out, then she centered herself and comforted Charles in a very frank and forthright way as the life drained out of him. To say the least, Meredith was hardly the only brave one in the hospital that day.

The 5 Most Tear-Inducing Moments on Grey’s Anatomy
Credit: Scott Garfield/ABC via Getty Images    

2. Izzie and George are on the brink
In the most brutal but perhaps best cliffhanger yet, Shonda & Co. had two main characters on the precipice between life and death when both George and Izzie flatlined at the end of Season 5. Izzie had been making a comeback for awhile — Derek had removed both brain tumors and she regained her short-term memory — but then she succumbed to hyperkalemia. And George's downfall was even more surprising: we only knew in the last few minutes that the John Doe who had been struck by the bus was in fact George. What an absolutely torturous finale — torturous, we tell you!

1. Denny dies
Okay, before all the appearing from beyond the grave and all the weird ghost sex, there was a time when we liked Denny Duquette and were excited to see him. We were happy for him and Izzie. But all of that was cut short when a blood clot killed him off while Izzie was away, ironically deliberating which dress would impress him most. And then she came back and cuddled with his body while before Alex (Justin Chambers) carried her away, and a defining Grey's moment was born.

Are you saddened that we overlooked your favorite tragedy on the show? Sound off with your selections in the comment selection below.

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