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Top 5 Most Romantic Moments From Castle Season 4, Episode 11: “Till Death Do Us Part”

We knew Castle’s Ryan and Jenny were getting hitched last night, but we what we didn’t know was that Castle’s other couples would be feelin’ the love, too. (Actually, we did. Kind of.)

Despite the dead bodies, scorned lovers, and deceptive pick-up artists, this episode was full of heart-warming, swoon-worthy moments for all three of Castle’s main couples.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 most romantic moments from Castle Season 4, Episode 11, "Till Death Do Us Part.”

5. Esposito gets jealous
After Esposito tells Ryan he can’t wait to mack on Jenny’s sorority sisters, Ryan responds, “Good. Then I guess you won’t care that Lanie’s bringing a plus one.”

The look on Esposito’s face is priceless! And then, the way he lowers his head and murmurs, “How can she already have a boyfriend? We just broke up...”?

We think that speaks volumes about how much he still cares for the sassy medical examiner. As if we didn’t know already.

4. Ryan forgives “Gyrating Jenny”
The Castle crew is shocked when Ryan tells them he knows Jenny slept with their victim, the womanizing Michael Bailey. However, we couldn’t help but “aww” when Ryan reveals that he’s not mad at her for the mistake.

Now that’s love!

3. Ryan and Jenny are nauseatingly cute
When Jenny brings Ryan’s bottle of toxic waste green juice to the precinct, the to-be-married twosome share an almost too adorable moment.

“Thanks sweetie, I love you,” Ryan says. “I love you more,” she responds. “That’s not possible,” Ryan says, before leaning in for a passionate smooch (in front of a less-than-pleased, painfully single Esposito).

Then, he pulls away and smiles sheepishly. Swoon!

As if the “I love yous” and the cute kiss weren’t enough, we think the mere fact that Ryan did the cleanse with Jenny says a lot about his character (even if he does blow it with some Orange Chicken before the big day.) Hey, it’s the thought that counts!

2. Esposito escorts Lanie to her seat
ZOMG. Can we just talk about how freaking adorable it was that both Lanie and Esposito brought dates to the wedding just to one-up the other? Lanie’s date turns out to be gay, and Esposito’s is actually his cousin.

After the dates’ real identities are revealed, Esposito tells Lanie she looks stunning and offers to walk her to her seat. She smiles and gives in. Those two will be back together in no time!

1. Castle and Beckett “plus-one” each other
Sure, the writer and his muse joke that they’re only sitting together to “avoid the stigma of sitting at the singles table,” but hello! We were not born yesterday.

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