5 Reasons Tyler Should Come Back to Revenge
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5 Reasons Tyler Should Come Back to Revenge

Tyler might be an evil villain in desperate need of some Klonopin — but don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

It was with a heavy heart and a stomach full of clams that we watched Ty-Ty get carted off by the police, and now it’s time to set the world right again.

Check out five reasons Tyler should come back to Revenge!

1. He’s Smart Enough to Defeat Emily

We’re Team Emily “Fresh Fish Killer” Thorne, but every good heroine needs a villain by her side, and Tyler knows how to get underneath this ice queen’s skin. He’s Moriarty to her Sherlock, Cain to her Abel, and Jafar to her Aladdin.

Despite his deranged behavior and comical habit of staring at himself in mirrors, Tyler knows what makes Emily tick — and we’re pretty sure we saw something resembling emotion on her face when he went all Kill Bill at the clambake.

2. More TyleNol!

How can we resist shipping the dynamic duo of popped collar glory that is Nolan and Tyler? Sure, their love was saturated with tears, blood, threats and X-rated sex tapes, but behind Tyler’s cold eyes we saw affection.

As Queen Ri-Ri would say, “they found love in a hopeless place.” Here’s to hoping Tyler breaks out of his psych ward and jets back to the hoppin’ Hamptons so he and Nolan can take that vacation to Miami. Despite the fact that it’s “for trolls.”

3. He Inspires Daniel to Make Hilarious WASP Fails

We love it when Daniel forgets the fact that he’s a rich kid who probably gets his nails manicured bi-weekly — and no one brings out his inner-bad-boy like Tyler. It was completely adorable when Daniel tried to use Emily’s gun to defend her against Ty.

Naturally, she sweetly took it out of his hands and dragged him up to the bedroom so they could recite poetry together instead of shooting people.

And don’t even get us started on how Daniel waited for Jack to tackle Tyler at the clambake before jumping in and punching him ... while he was already down.

5 Reasons Tyler Should Come Back to Revenge
Credit: ABC    

4. He Knows His Way Around An Armani Suit

If we ever tire of the countless popped collars, khaki skimmers and jaunty hats on Revenge (as if!), we can always look to Tyler for a well-cut men’s suit.

This American Psycho’s passion for fashion transcends gender — he picked out an amazing Alaia dress for Ashley, which proves that he both has great taste in clothes, and watched Clueless in the '90s (she’s a “totally important designer”).

Revenge can’t survive sans his sartorial genius!

5. He’s Pure, Unadulterated Evil

One of the best things about Tyler is that there’s absolutely nothing redeemable about his character. He’s pure evil and doesn’t pretend to be anything but a villain.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a angst-ridden, damaged soul in there somewhere. Poor guy is desperate for a hug ... and a straight jacket.

Do you want to see Tyler back on Revenge? Hit the poll and tell us what you think!

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