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5 Things That Should Have Happened at Ryan and Jenny’s Wedding on Castle Season 4, Episode 11: “Till Death Do Us Part”

After so much buzz, we were a little disappointed that Ryan and Jenny’s wedding only took up about three minutes of Season 4, Episode 11, “Till Death Do Us Part.”

Word is we aren’t the only ones: Survey says a lot of Castle fans were left feeling a little let down. We mean, where was the actual ceremony? The tiered cake? The “I Do”? The immaculately decorated tables (complete with placeholders)? The annoying relative at the reception who downs too many cranberry vodkas and belts out a bad rendition of “American Pie,” for goodness sake? There was so much that could have been done!

On that note, here is Wetpaint Entertainment's list of top five fun things that should have happened at Ryan and Jenny’s nuptials. Is there something we forgot? Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below!

5. Ryan smashes the cake in Jenny’s face …

And she promptly shovels it all into her mouth. What? Girl’s been fasting for 10 days!

4. Lanie catches the bouquet

After all of Esplanie’s flirting, we would've loved to see the medical examiner get her manicured mitts on the bouquet and then shoot a flirty look in Esposito’s direction.

3. Castle and Beckett slow dance


2. Ryan says "I do."

As adorb as these two were in the precinct, we can imagine the actual nuptial exchange would have been even sweeter.

1. Jenny walks down the aisle

Every bride deserves having all the attention on her on her big day — even fictional ones!

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01.11.2012 / 10:35 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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