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Dancing With The Stars

Edyta Sliwinska Posts Candid, ”Controversial” Blog About DWTS Partnering

We haven't seen Edyta Sliwinska on Dancing With the Stars since she danced with Aiden Turner on Season 10. Up to that point, she was the only DWTS pro to compete on every season. Her departure didn't seem as amicable as, say, Julianne Hough's decision to take time off to do movies and date Ryan Seacrest. She seemed to have some frustrations about the show, and in a new Facebook blog post, she pulls back the curtain to share a little bit about how DWTS works.

As Edyta tweeted Tuesday night, “Check out my blog about how fair is partnering on DWTS at my company's page Agree or disagree with me?”

Here’s the start of the long but fascinating blog, which is labeled “Check out Edyta's controversial opinion about partnering on Dancing With The Stars:

“When the season of DWTS begins everyone anticipates the moment when the cast is publicly announced. Who will be dancing in front of the millions of people this time? Everyone has their guesses since rumors about alleged participants circulate long before the big reveal. A right mix of celebrities is essential to the success of the show, but lately it became more evident that who the stars are partnered with is just as important. It’s not only because some of the dancers are often more popular then the celebrities (this could be a topic of my next blog) but because each couple will eventually create an internal dynamic. This dynamic, a unique image of each couple is what the audience, perhaps subconsciously, really votes for. And therefore, soon after the cast becomes public, there comes equally highly anticipated announcement of the pairings. But who puts these couples together, how does it happen and, is it fair?”


Edyta says there’s nothing random about the pro/celeb pairings.

“Each partnership is carefully calculated and there are many factors to take into the consideration. Let’s first take a look at the most obvious features: age, look, height and personality. If you think that the producer’s objective is to match celebs and dancer’s age, how can you explain that I was paired up with a seventy few (no one knows his real age) George Hamilton? Height can’t be a leading criteria either since I danced with 6’6’’ tall Jason Taylor, while I’m only 5’6’? Do you think that I’m the tallest female dancer in the cast? Well, Kym Johnson is almost an inch taller then me. Why wasn’t she paired up with Jason Taylor? Instead, Kym danced that season with Penn Jillette. If we talk about matching the looks, in case of Kym and Penn I think the producers were going rather for the ‘Beauty and the beast’ theme. And finally: the personality. I would like to think that I don’t have much in common with Lawrence Taylor, who besides being known for his notaries drug abuse and arrests for attempted drug possession, not long after DWTS pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct involving a minor.”

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

Whew! She keeps going, too, with a lot more candor.

“The real motivation of the matchmakers from hell at DWTS is to create controversy and buzz. And therefore Cheryl [Burke] was paired up with Chad and Karina Smirnoff with Mario Lopez, because the prediction was that these attractive and single people, paired up together would certainly generate rumors about their romantic involvement. And they did. However, publicity-hungry producers, at the same time created some great partnerships. My personal opinion is that not many couples could match the amazing chemistry that Mario and Karina showcased on the dance floor in season 2. You might also guess that egotistical Max Chmerkovskiy is not coincidently paired up with some of the strongest women that had appeared on the show. Leila Ali, Misty May-Tranor, Hope Solo and Erin Andrews succeeded in professions dominated by men. Mel B, Debi Mazar and Kirstie Alley are known for their feisty personalities. Pair up a woman who knows how to stand up for herself with an arrogant Russian dancer and you will get a recipe for a drama.”

She ends the blog by talking about the show’s desire for a younger audience between 18 and 49, even though she thinks that’s nonsense since “Most people over 50 that I know spend and have more money then people my age.”

Read Edyta’s full blog for all of her thoughts. What do you think?

Sources: Twitter, Facebook

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