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The Bachelor

Jimmy Kimmel’s Bachelor Prediction: Ben Flajnik Picks “The Evil Courtney” and She Stabs Him in His Sleep [VIDEO]

Ben Flajnik, looking like a disheveled prep school senior, had a pretty hilarious talk with Jimmy Kimmel last night after The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 2. Jimmy tried to get into Ben's soul, as he put it, to predict what will happen in the finale.

"Maybe — and I think if anybody can do this it'd be you — maybe you picked a couple of girls and you're living with two of them in a threesome," joked Jimmy. Ben said it's funny Jimmy should say that since, after seeing Blakeley Shea and Monica Spannbauer's girl-on-girl action on the premiere, he started wondering why he wasn’t there for that.

Jimmy asked about the "ex-girlfriend" who reportedly returns to the show on next week's Episode 3. Ben said it's not necessarily an ex-girlfriend, but it's someone people will recognize. (Find out who it is here!)

Ben also called Courtney Robertson's "how did that taste coming out of your mouth" comment a "sick burn." In his mind he wants all the girls to get along, but that's not the case.

Will what he's seeing on TV change his state of mind about the women? He says it's a tough question. "You watch these things and you can't help but be affected by them because they're things that happened. Whether or not you can look past them, I don't know, that remains to be seen."

In Jimmy's opinion, if all the guys or gals in the house dislike someone, that's a bad sign. But Ben doesn't necessarily see it that way. On The Bachelorette, the guys all high-fived each other after their dates. The women are more catty and competitive than the guys, he said.

Jimmy predicted Ben's final four as Lindzi Cox, Kacie Boguskie, Nicki Sterling and "The Evil Courtney." And he says, "Maybe you even picked Courtney. And then, who knows, maybe she tried to stab you in your sleep."

Watch the full interview below, including Ben’s response to whether or not there’ll be a wedding in his immediate future:

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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