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What Does the PTC Think of Our Favorite TV Shows?

We’re pretty sure the Parents Television Council thinks the following shows pose a serious threat to the moral fabric of America. But the organization’s explanations for why not to watch these Wetpaint Entertainment favorites tend to be the reasons why we tune in. Caution: sex, violence, and foul language ahead!

American Horror Story: “Violence is frequent, explicit, and extreme, with various victims stabbed or axed to death, forcibly drowned, otherwise graphically and bloodily murdered.”

The Bachelor: “There is a lot of kissing and some implied sexual activity. There is also a fair amount of innuendo.”

Bones: “Murder cases often feature kinky fetishes or provocative subcultures.”

Castle: “Castle’s come-ons directed at Kate frequently contain sexual innuendo, and he constantly boasts about his sexual exploits as a famous author.”

The Vampire Diaries:The Vampire Diaries has a large amount of objectionable content. [...] Young viewers could be confused by the supernatural violence — some ordinary humans have special jewelry or spells that allow them to come back to life after being graphically murdered.”

Glee: “Sex continues to be the show’s most provocative element.”

Gossip Girl: “The show conveys the message that sex is a tool used to manipulate people.”

Grey’s Anatomy: “Sexual content is heavy, with characters engaging in sex frequently, and sex-related dialogue and innuendo common. [...] As the show is based in a hospital, medical procedures are shown in great detail, with blood, open wounds and surgery being frequent.”

The Secret Circle:The Secret Circle is tailor-made for teenage audiences, set in a high school and starring attractive young actors,” but it “is not recommended for viewers under age 18.”

Source: Parents Television Council

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