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Who’s “Cuddling” With Darren Criss? Behind the Scenes of Glee’s Michael Jackson Episode!

After their holiday break was over, the stars of Glee were back to work on the set of their upcoming Michael Jackson tribute ep, Season 3, Episode 11: “Michael,” and’s William Keck was there to get all the details!

While the cast rehearsed an upcoming scene, wherein the New Directions crew battles the Warblers in a take on MJ’s classic vid for “Bad,” Keck watched choreographer Zach Woodlee take them through many-a complicated step, telling them, “I promise you this will work out. Well... maybe.” Eeep!

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All the work, though, will be well worth it, as Keck calls the number, “the crown jewel” of the tribute ep!

He also dished on some behind-the-scenes happenings on set, including Mark Salling (Puck) putting on a red Cheerios skirt for fun — sadly, though, no cross-dressing Puck on the actual show — and Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) cuddling with Darren Criss (Blaine) in order to keep warm. (Really? Hmm, Baby, It’s Cold Outside, indeed!)

Could Glee do a second Michael Jackson episode?

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Though the concept of a tribute episode for Michael Jackson was in the works for awhile, news of their approval by Jackson’s estate came after some waiting ― which accounts for the sped up timeline of getting the ep done. And as it turns out, Michael’s kids are Gleeks (!), which mighta helped them get the nudge.

“The estate was lovely,” executive producer Ryan Murphy said of the process, “In fact, they liked the writing so much that halfway through the planning they asked us to do another one about him next year.”

For now, it sounds like the cast and crew are just excited to be bringing MJ’s classics to their audience, an audience that ― like many of the cast members ― is too young to remember the star’s heyday.

“When I was in high school, there was definitely a lot of controversial stuff going on,” Lea Michele told TV Guide, “That’s what I remember. But his best friends were Liz Taylor and Liza Minelli, so he was always good in my book.”


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