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5 Cutest Baby Moments From Teen Mom 2 Season 2, Episodes 6 and 7

We watch Teen Mom 2 for fabulous and fashionable mommies, but our favorite part of the show? The babies!

After all, without them, Teen Mom would have to change its name to Teen Degenerates. Take a moment to appreciate how precious these tiny tots are with the five cutest baby moments from this week’s double episode!

1. Aubree Eats Lip Gloss

Aubree is definitely her mother’s daughter! This gal loves makeup almost as much as Chelsea does — by which we mean she loves to eat it.

How adorable was it when Aubree started munching on her mom’s tube of lip-gloss? Let’s get real, who didn’t eat mass amounts of Lip Smackers in the 90s?

2. Isaac Passes Out At His Birthday Party

Isaac is seriously the sleepiest child ever. Leave it up to him to celebrate his first birthday in style, by passing out into a deep slumber and sprawling all over his crib.

Only the coolest kids are late to their own parties!

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3. Isaac Feeds Kailyn Cake

Isaac tasted his first bite of cake this week, and it might just go down as the most precious moment in Teen Mom history. Not only did Isaac enjoy his slice of cake, he also fed a bite of tasty goodness to Kailyn.

After we nearly passed out from cuteness overload, Isaac put his frosting-covered hands on his cheeks and let out a big sigh, as if to say “Party in my mouth!”

4. Aubree Taunts A Dog

Uhm, did anyone see the way Aubree was treating the family dog? She was totally taunting it with a piece of trash.

Talk about playing hard-to-get, Aubs. Clearly this girl takes after her dad. She’ll be wearing hoodies and sporting a chin-tee in no time!

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5. Jace Waves To Jenelle as She Drives to Court

There’s nothing like having your innocent 2-year-old cheerfully wave at you while you head to court for drug possession.

Luckily, Jace was completely unaware of his mom’s actions, which made his farewell to Jenelle more adorable than tragic. But only slightly.

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