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”No More Bandage Dresses”: Top 10 Revenge Quotes From Episode 12: ”Infamy”

They say you can't get ahead if you're busy getting even, but the cast of Revenge manages to do so while dropping a few snarks along the way.

We've rounded up 10 quotes from last night's episode that prove revenge is sweet — almost as sweet as a succulent lobster.

10. Mason gives a reading: “My subjects are always my inspiration.”
Nolan (to Emily): “What a tool.”

How can Nolan insult someone with such fabulous taste in bow-ties?

9. Mason hits up the Stowaway: “Oh, it’s after 11. I’ll have a Gibson.”
Amanda: “A Gibson...really?”

At least he didn’t ask for a Pimm’s Cup.

8. A hot bar fly watches Amanda pour drinks: “What do you call that?”
Amanda: “Being awesome.”

Fair ‘nuff.

7. The hot bar fly hits on Amanda: “I totally want to kiss you right now.”
Amanda: “Not while my boyfriend’s watching.”

Sigh, it’s like college all over again.

Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

6. Amanda and Emily toast: “To the girls of Cell Block D!”

This is how we will be toasting all drinks from now on.

5. Nolan misses his target at the shooting range: “Can you imagine I’ve never done this before?”
Daniel: “It helps if you keep at least one eye open.”

Oh, Daniel. We love it when you pretend to be tough.

4. Nolan watches Emily and Daniel shoot: “Oh, someone loves their Second Amendment!”

The idea of anyone in the Hamptons owning a gun is hilarious.

3. Victoria picks out an outfit: “No more bandage dresses.”
Ashley: “All right, I’ll have them burned immediately.”

Somewhere, the staff of Hervé Leger is crying.

2. Emily looks for Mason: “I don’t see the guest of honor.”
Nolan: “Maybe he’s busy trying out a new ascot.”

Jealous, Nolan?

1. Nolan blasts Mason: “Spineless, seer-sucking dilettante … You know, I haven’t been this disappointed since The Phantom Menace.”

Oh, Jar Jar Binks. How we love you.

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