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The Secret Circle

Secret Circle Spoiler: Britt Robertson Teases Teases Cadam Romance in Season 1, Episode 11: “Fire and Ice”

Now that Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Dirty Diana (Shelley Hennig) are broken up, he’s finally free to sexplore his relationship with Cassie (Britt Robertson)! In tonight’s all-new episode of The Secret Circle, Season 1, Episode 11, “Fire and Ice,” Adam takes the plunge and asks Cassie out – but will she say yes?

“They had such a connection from the start, in future episodes you'll see them slowly but surely reconnecting and trying to see what really is in store for the two of them,” Britt Robertson explains to Hollywood Reporter. “I think they're trying to figure out who each other is aside from the whole witchy world that they live in. You'll see their relationship develop.”

As Cassie and Adam develop their feelings for one another, Cassie is also busy developing her evil powers, which we’ll see take hold of her in tonight’s episode. “You definitely get a taste of it here and there,” Britt says. “You got a look into what's going on with Cassie in the last episode and in "Fire/Ice" this week, you'll see she's learning how to control that power that she has inside her and what she wants to do with it, if she wants to embrace it.”

Honestly, we’re still recovering from the fact that Adam wants to date someone who has no problem choking him to death.

Source: Hollywood Reporter