Teen Mom of the Week: Chelsea Houska Is Miss Independent
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Teen Mom

Teen Mom of the Week: Chelsea Houska Is Miss Independent

Stop whatever you’re doing (clipping in hair extensions, duh) and listen up: Our girl Chelsea Houska just became and independent woman and it’s time for celebration.

After almost two years of living off her generous daddy’s dime, Chelsea decides to get herself a part time job so she can pitch in with her rent and utilities.

We’re glad Chel-Chel is finally stepping up to the plate — after all, can you imagine all the fabulous makeovers she’ll be able to afford once she has a little extra cash in her skinny jeans?

Picture it: Not just one lone strand of brown hair amongst a sea of blonde, two lone strands of brown hair and a glue-in feather. All our dreams are coming true!

Even though Chelsea has a long way to go before she can cut out her parents’ financial help, she’s taking the important steps needed to assert her independence, which means her 'rentals will take her more seriously.

In other news, let’s take a moment to applaud Chelsea for the way she handled her good-for-nothing baby daddy Adam Lindt’s outrageous behavior this week.

Instead of flying off the handle when her man acted like a jerk, Chelsea took a breath and refused to engage in a fight. Sigh, before we know it, this girl will summon the courage to kick him to the curb once and for all!

Until then, we’ll continue to high five ourselves every time Chelsea makes an important life decision. Though, we can’t imagine any decision more important that her refusal to live in an apartment with stairs.

We feel you girl. No one wants to accidentally exercise on the way to get pizza.

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