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The Bachelor 16’s Kacie Boguskie: 5 Things You Need to Know

You know she’s a baton-twirling Southern belle who got the first date with Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor Season 16. You know she really doesn’t like model Courtney Robertson, the other girl who got a date in Episode 2. But what else do you know about 24-year-old Southern belle Kacie Boguskie? Find something to twirl, and read on for five tidbits...

1. She shares an addiction with Ashley Hebert

Yes, the woman who last broke Ben’s heart shares a common interest with Kacie: Pinterest! In a recent Q&A on the official Bachelor site, she revealed an “addiction” to the site where you can create virtual interest boards. Ashley used the board to share her inspiration for her future home with her Season 7 Chosen One, JP Rosenbaum. Perhaps in a few months we’ll see something similar from Kacie...

2. She has three tattoos

Kacie looks like the picture of wholesomeness — the perfect girl to bring home to Ma! — but she seems to have a bit of a wild side. As her ABC bio notes, she has three interestingly-located tattoos — one is on her foot, another on her side and the third is in “another location.” Naughty!

3. She hates boring first dates… like dinner and a movie

This is kind of ironic since she got one of the most low-key dates in recent Bachelor history. Kacie and Ben basically wandered around the quiet streets of Sonoma, had a quiet dinner, and then watched their own home movies. According to her ABC bio, she hates it when her date “Talks only about themselves, sticks to the boring questions and thinks dinner & a movie is a good idea for a first date.” Ha!

4. She’s already a fan favorite

Kacie currently has more than 55 percent of the vote in our poll "Who is your favorite bachelorette from Episode 2?" Granted, the competition isn't exactly stiff, but she seems to be the standout of Season 16 so far. So... does that mean she is a frontrunner for Ben's heart or a frontrunner to be the Season 8 Bachelorette (that is, if Reality Steve’s recent SPOILERIFIC reveal is incorrect)? The job often goes to whoever gets the first date of the season, and we know that honor went to Kacie this season.

5. She may be a perfect Mrs. Sunshine

If Ben says no to Kacie and she doesn’t get to be The Bachelorette, someone should set her up with Ryan Park of The Bachelorette Season 7. Mr. Sunshine was so happy-go-lucky he ended up annoying some of the other guys in the house (including Ben). Ry-guy did that heart-in-the-sky thing on the premiere when talking about wanting to become a “we,” and Kacie did the exact same thing in her intro. They would be disgustingly cute together. Bachelor Pad Season 3’s positive power couple? Kip-Ten 2.0? Start the petition now!

How long does Kacie stay on The Bachelor? Read Reality Steve’s episode-by-episode spoilers — right or wrong, they have us talking!

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