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The X Factor

Rachel Crow Says The X Factor Producers Kept Changing Her Songs at the Last Minute

Young Rachel Crow was sent home well before her time in most X Factor voters' opinions, but the 13 year old contestant, who ultimately finished in fifth place, allegedly had some pretty crazy performance switcheroos behind the scenes.

According to Rachel, producers snatched her chosen songs away from her not once but twice during her run on the show. The first unexpected twist? Her mashup of "Where Did Our Love Go"/"Baby" (which was viewed by many as Drew's signature song) was initially supposed to be a mashup of "Forget You"/"Ain't No Mountain High Enough." Then, the day before the performance show aired, her mentor Simon Cowell changed it up. So why the switch?

"I don’t know," Rachel told TV Line. "I thought something funny was going to happen [the day the change was made], because I kept asking, 'Can I go on stage now? Can I go on stage now?' I was backstage, and they wouldn’t let me [rehearse], and then finally they took me into a room, and they told me they were changing the song. I did the best I could, but honestly, it was not my favorite. I think that was my weakest performance."

And that wasn't the only unusual move by producers. Apparently, someone stole Rachel's song and setup during Michael Jackson week, too.

"That week was a little bit difficult for me," Rachel admitted. "The song that I had originally told them I wanted to do, and I told them everything about how I wanted to do it, somebody else got that song, including the whole setting. That was a little hard for me. But it’s okay. I mean, I was just a little sad. I know I was singing 'Can You Feel It?' but I wasn’t really feeling it."

Weird! What's the delio, X Factor execs? With all her song choice drama, it's a wonder Rachel made it to the top 5! Well, kudos to her for handling herself with grace and gratitude her whole ride. If you ask us, despite her breakdown, she was one of the most mature contestants we saw. Take that, age limit haters!

Source: TV Line

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01.13.2012 / 06:22 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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