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The Bachelor

Spotted! Bachelor 16’s Courtney Robertson Walking Ben Flajnik’s Dog, Scotch — Ryan Seacrest’s Spy Reports

This is starting to smell like a set-up, but we'll see.

Ryan Seacrest has some kind of Courtney Robertson obsession — or a source of his does — 'cause this is his third time focusing on The Bachelor Season 16 contestant. Before the season started, he mentioned her as a potential frontrunner. Then he quoted someone as saying she dumped her longtime boyfriend just to go on The Bachelor and date Ben Flajnik. And now today, Ryan said on his radio show...

So, has the winner of ‘The Bachelor’ been revealed, thanks to a pooch? If you saw the episode this week, you know all about Ben F‘s beloved dog Scotch. One of our spies in Northern California recently saw Scotch being walked by Courtney, she’s the model. Does this mean that Courtney and Ben are in love or did she fall head over heels in love with Ben’s Jack Russell? Either way, we guarantee they are going to make all the pets sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Actually, Scotch the dog did not sign a confidentiality agreement, as he noted himself on Twitter. (Ha!)

What do you think about this? It’s doubtful anyone would let Courtney near Scotch while the season is still in progress... right? And, c’mon, Scotch can’t be the only Jack Russell Terrier with a close tie to a model-esque woman in all of the bay area... right?