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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Spoilers: What Will Elena Do After Kissing Damon in Season 3, Episode 11, “Our Town”?

We don’t know if vampires usually cry, but in Season 3, Episode 11, of The Vampire Diaries, “Our Town,” it’s Caroline Forbes’ (Candice Accola) party, and she will if she wants to. That’s right, Mystic Fall’s blonde vamp may be celebrating her 18th birthday, but she’s not happy about it. While one would think Caroline, who went all crazy party planner when Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) became legal, would throw herself a fab bash, she’s actually less than stoked for her own coming of age. It shines light on her own immortality — something she’s been trying to forget.

“She's not excited for her birthday at all,” Candice Accola (Caroline) tells E!. “The is the first time she's realizing that even though she's turning 18, she's not really turning 18.”

Still, a party is a party is a party, and as all parties in Mystic Falls go, there’s always the likelihood something unexpected will happen. While usually it’s a death or two, fans are hoping for something more cheery: like a Caroline/Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) reconciliation, perhaps?

Candice teases that the cross-species duo do have a heart to heart. "It is acknowledged that it is her birthday. We'll see if they can talk their way through sustaining their relationship because they didn't really leave off on the best of terms,” she said.

While Candice makes a reunion sound somewhat promising, TVD executive producer Julie Plec is singing a different tune. "Tyler's in a bad place and the first thing he has to do is recognize he's in a bad place and then he has to figure out how to get himself out of it,” she says.

We’ll assume that means getting back together with his sassy bloodsucking ex is out of the question. For now.

And of course, Plec also touched on last week’s big shocker: that saucy, much overdue Delena kiss. So what happens from here for the troubled twosome? Not much, sadly.

“Elena is confused, frustrated, trying to focus her energies away from herself and the questions she's having in her head about her feelings for each brother individually and she channels that into wanting to help shake Caroline out of her funk on her 18th birthday," Plec explains. "But in the process, she gets into a pretty bad situation with Stefan that shatters her soul a little bit."

Sounds like Caroline isn’t the only one having a sucky time this week — pun not intended.

Source: E!