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All About George Clooney’s Accident on the Set of The Descendants

This just in: George Clooney had to glue his teeth back in after an accident on the Hawaii set of The Descendants!

Dreamboat George, who won best actor at the Critics' Choice Awards on Thursday night in Hollywood, almost lost his famous smile during filming — thanks to his 11-year-old co-star Amara Miller. During a backstage press conference at the Hollywood Palladium, he explained to reporters that Amara, who played his younger daughter in the movie, "came up behind me one day when we were sitting in Kauai, out in the middle of nowhere, and took her hand and smacked me on the top of the head because that's what she does — and it was funny — but it broke my two front teeth and I had to go shoot."

He continued, "So I had to get Crazy Glue and take pieces of my teeth and glue them back together [...] to finish the shot. And [director] Alexander [Payne] came back and saw me gluing my teeth in and made some joke about the fact that I really was from Kentucky. So that's my Hawaii tragedy story." Sounds more comedy than tragedy to us!

The usually dapper star, who brought girlfriend Stacy Keibler to the awards show, joked that the film's laid-back island clothes were another tragedy. "That was almost ending all masculinity, the minute you pulled the khakis up and then the Hawaiian shirt tucked in."

But George survived all the indignities to deliver a performance that could very well win him a Golden Globe on Sunday — and a best actor Oscar next month!

01.14.2012 / 01:38 AM EDT by Carole Glines
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