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Biggest WTF Moments From Revenge Season 1, Episode 12: “Infamy”

We love the signature soapy style of ABC's new hit show Revenge, but sometimes those backstabbing, blue-blooded Hamptonites leave us scratching our heads thinking, "What the what?!"

Keep reading for a roundup of last night's noteworthy WTF moments, and be sure to add yours in the comments below!

1. Has Mason Never Heard of Kinko’s?

When writer Mason Treadwell gives Emily and Nolan the grand tour of his home, he makes a colossal mistake — he tells the pair he has only one copy of his memoir.

Really, Mason? Why don't you just hand Ms. Lisa "LeftyEye" Lopes a bottle of kerosene and a box of matches and tell her to go to town?

We get the allure of an old typewriter, but what kind of dolt doesn't back up his life's work? If you ask us, he had it comin'.

2. Has Mason Never Heard of DVDs?

Another thing that struck us as odd about Mason (aside from his penchant for pink bow ties) is his apparent aversion to modern technology. Like we said, we get the idea of working on an antique typewriter, but what was up with that horrific collection of VHS tapes? Doesn't he know that the plastic ribbon deteriorates over time and DVDs are a much safer way to go?

Poor Emily must have spent weeks bidding on that portable VHS player only to learn she might have a half sister.

3. Victoria Grayson Is So Over Bandage Dresses

We know we're not the only ones who laughed out loud when Victoria uttered “No more bandage dresses." For weeks now we've been hoping the Grayson matriarch would trade her skin-tight Herve Leger dresses for something a little more age appropriate.

We're guessing either Daniel asked his mom t stop dressing like his girlfriend, or the writers have been trolling our Twitter feeds.

Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney    

4. Emily Apparently Wants 2.5 Kids and a White Picket Fence

Ms. Thorne is obviously up to something, but our initial reaction to her "I want to be married before living with somebody" nonsense was WTF? This girl has no problem lying, stealing, and burning people's houses down, but living in sin? Completely out of the question.

Well, we suppose there is something to be said for tradition.

5. Declan Gets Started on His Summer Reading List

Poor Declan wants so badly to prove to Charlotte he's worthy of her high-society love, but how will reading Paradise Lost help bring them any closer? It's not like they're going to sit around discussing the poem's biblical allusions over a glass of house rosé at the Stowaway.

Oh, Declan, don't you know the way to Charlotte's heart is through $200,000 cars?

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01.14.2012 / 10:30 PM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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