Bones Quotes: The Top 3 Quotations from “The Crack in the Code”
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Bones Quotes: The Top 3 Quotations from “The Crack in the Code”

We’ve got to admit that this week’s episode of Bones was a tough one for quotations — after all, there was so much stuff happening that the characters had to use most of their words just to keep up with all the action! All the same, though, the Bones writers did find some space toward the end to squeeze in a few memorable words, and the actors reliably brought out the best of said words with flying colors. Here they are:

1. Caroline (Patricia Belcher): “The set of orders was passed down through channels that even the Almighty Himself would need an atlas and a double-shot of bourbon to navigate!”

While we maintain that the amount of action in this episode made it tough to cull quotations, we will admit to one exception: Caroline’s zingers did make for an excellent seasoning. Of course, we can’t make this feature Caroline Hour, but this quip was our favorite.

2. Pellant (Andrew Leeds): “It’s the giant flaw in our system: trying to make the system secure, we make it more complex. But the more complex we make it, the more insecure we actually are.” Booth (David Boreanaz): “Well, it turns out I’m not a complex guy. I’m a simple guy. And simple guys always take down guys like you.”

With all the warm and fuzzy relationship stuff going on of late, we haven’t really had much exposure to Booth’s classic bad-ass bravado. Here it shines through admirably, from the words themselves to the inflection he employs saying them.

3. Brennan (Emily Deschanel): “It’s perfect.” Booth: “...What?”

Granted, there were a lot of quotations we could have picked from this momentous last scene — Brennan’s touchingly sincere proclamation of “You found our house,” for instance — but we think this brief exchange, for all its simplicity, says so much about the two characters. Brennan, for her part, continues to cleave to the essential, taking things at their fundamental value rather than obsessing over appearance. And Booth might think he knows the woman he loves inside and out, but even now, after all these months, he’s still got plenty to learn.

And so you see: even in an action-packed episode like this one, our Bones beloved still find time to sparkle verbally. Believe us when we tell you that we’re going to cherish every individual word, as it’s a long, hard few months ‘til we get to hear any more of them!

Got any quotations you’d like to have seen here? Let us know below!

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01.14.2012 / 06:54 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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