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Bones Season 7, Episode 6 “The Crack in The Code”: The Top 3 Moments

With so many shocking, disgusting, and even touching moments from this week’s Bones installment, how could anyone be expected to pick just three? But we are dedicated Bones fanatics, so we’re ready to step up and accomplish even the most difficult tasks. That said, here are our favorite snippets from “The Crack in the Code.”

1. Easter comes early. We had to include this part because of the pure, beautiful “record scratch” quality of it. Episode 6 is humming along, gathering momentum, all normal, when bam! Sweets in a sky-blue Vespa helmet! Even Caroline (Patricia Belcher) is baffled, prompting one of the episode’s funniest lines: “Why is this man wearing an Easter egg on his head?”

2. Explosions and fires. Come on — you can’t expect us to get through a “top 3 moments” feature without including all the rampant destruction that occurred in this one, can you? The Hodgins (TJ Thyne)-Wendell (Michael Grant Terry) experiment was awesome, at least in part for its arbitrariness. And when Angela (Michaela Conlin) makes it clear that her magic machine makes such boom-producing shenanigans unnecessary, well... BOOM! The Angelatron kicks the bucket. It’s like the writers are saying that yes, these goofy experiments are necessary — and we’ll destroy anything that says otherwise.

3. A double-shot of bourbon. When Ezra Krane (Robert Cicchini)’s body was taken off the flagpole and hauled off, we couldn’t help expecting that the Bones cast would use it to work forensic miracles and find some damning evidence against Pellant (Andrew Leeds). After all, the guy had been dead for only a few hours — and anyway, that’s what Bones does, right? Not in this case: when it turns out that the body was magicked away to some crematorium, we had to blink in surprise. It was a great break from the norm for the writers to take, and we admire them for getting that reaction from us... especially considering that we already know Pellant’s season-spanning role on the show.

And voilà: our estimation of the top must-see moments from this week’s Bones blockbuster. We’ll understand if there are some points of contention among our readers — after all, like we said, there was just so much here to choose from!

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01.14.2012 / 01:26 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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