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The Bachelorette

“Courtney Robertson Gives the Wrong Impression” — Exclusive With Jesse Csinscak

If Episode 2 of The Bachelor is any indication of what’s to come the rest of this season, these ladies’ tears could fill the mansion’s swimming pool! We love hearing the opinions of past contestants because after all, they know what this drama is all about. Some of your favorites got together on Jesse Csincsak’s (Winner, Bachelorette 4) weekly Smackdown to well – smackDOWN on this week’s episode, so Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with them after the show to hear more of what they really think about the contestants so far!

“Courtney Robertson Gives the Wrong Impression” — Exclusive With Jesse Csinscak
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Let’s start with Kacie B. who it seems has already won America’s hearts! Mark Huebner (Bachelorette 5) thinks, “She's a solid catch, maybe a little boring for me… but good for Ben. They connect emotionally.” From a girl’s prospective, Jessie Sulidis (Bachelor 14, Bachelor Pad) said, “I really liked her. She is so simple and cute! Picture perfect Southern girl. However, I did feel she was a bit too young and naive. It's so early to tell though.” Good point, it’s still early on and anything can happen (the show did premiere with a horse and a grandma after all)!

Richard Mathy (Bachelorette 4) thinks Kacie B. “has the feeling of a ‘small town girl.’ While it wasn't the most ‘exciting’ one-on-one, it was certainly the most intimate and I think this moment will help her to make it far.” We’re rooting for you, Kacie!

Kacie B. wasn’t the only one who made an impression; Blakeley Shea certainly left a mark after this week’s show – and not a good one! Mark thinks “she was definitely a bit too intense, but she got what was coming to her from the girls. You shouldn't behave that way when you already have a rose… let other people have a chance!” But beyond that behavior, that’s just not the way to get a guy – well, at least get and keep the guy! Rich explained, “If a girl came onto me like Blakely and looked like her, she is going to be a girl that I'm going to play ‘hit it and quit it’ with.” Ouch.

Blakely, you’re pretty, but that’s just not how you should act. According to Jessie S., “She's a beautiful girl, but she needs to take some etiquette lessons on how to present and dress herself properly. That outfit was just wrong for a first date choice on all levels.” Mark wouldn’t even play that game! He said, “I would be completely turned off if a girl who dressed and carried herself like Boobsley (whoops Blakeley) came on like a ton of bricks.”

As for Jenna Burke, nobody dislikes her, but agrees she’s not cut out for this show. Jessie S. thought, “She was just real and being herself. People don't realize how tough this process is. It makes good people go insane. I kind of like that about Jenna, and she has great fashion sense and a beautiful face to go along with the cray-cray.” Jesse was also in her corner; “[Jenna] got taken advantage of in my book!” As for Ben’s relationship with Jenna, Mark thinks Ben “did what he had to do which was let her go because she wasn't holding up well AT ALL!” We wish you the best Jenna and think you’d be a great fit for Bachelor Pad 3!

If there’s one girl who rubbed America the wrong way more than Blakely, it’s Courtney Robertson! “She’s a model and wants everyone to know!” says Jesse. From a girl’s view, Jessie S. thinks, “Courtney gives the wrong impression […] it's so sad because there are tons of girls just like her that know how to manipulate their way to the top.” But, Jessie added, “She does play a good game! It's working.” We just hope Ben eventually sees her for who she really is. He’s genuine and he needs a genuine girl!

As for Bachelor Ben, he’s doing well so far. “He is handling the situations the best he can,” according to Rich. The others agree he handled the tears well too, especially since the girls are giving him a lot to handle! Mark thinks, “He handled it fine with Blakeley because it was a bit awkward to begin with.” Jessie S. makes the point that the girls need to “get it together.” Before this week, he’d “never seen a grown woman crying in a corner […] it’s unattractive.” Ben, you’re a good guy and we’re crossing our fingers for you!

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